Lithium Replacement Battery Quick Start Guide - iRobot® Roomba® 500, 600, 700, 800 series and Scooba® 450

Nov 11, 2016

1. Please refer to your iRobot Roomba or iRobot Scooba manual for proper battery installation. Please charge the battery for 8 hours before the first use.

2. Our batteries are designed with a sleep-mode that deactivates the battery after a period of inactivity to provide a longer operating time and longer battery life. It may be necessary to reactivate the battery before use.

3. If your Roomba or Scooba 450 fails to operate or displays a rapid flashing charge light, please refer to the following steps below to reactivate the battery.

Roomba: Please place the Roomba onto the charging dock with the power outlet plugged in and restart the Roomba.

For instructions on restarting your Roomba, please refer to the iRobot Roomba’s manual. The procedure of restarting varies between models.

For example, restart model 770 by pressing and holding down “clean” button for 10 seconds.

Restart model 530 by pressing and holding down “spot” and “dock” buttons for 10 seconds.

Scooba 450: Install the battery and connect the power source directly into the Scooba. Please do not use the charging dock for this procedure. Restart the Scooba by pressing and holding down “info (i)” and “room size” buttons for 10 seconds.

Your battery is now activated!

4. Scooba 450 users: Scooba 450 requires changing the water tank and recharging after 45 minutes of use. If you wish to keep Scooba 450 operating without recharging, please refer to the following steps:

a) Clean then refill the water tank.
b) Remove the battery and reinstall it.
c) Press and hold down “info (i)” and “Clean” buttons. While holding down the two buttons, press “room size” button once. Release all buttons.
d) Press the “room size” button to select the size you want.
e) Press the “Clean” button to begin cleaning.

5. Due to our long lasting lithium technology, battery light signal values have changed. For a reference on operating time remaining, please refer to the info below.

Light Color Time Remaining
Solid Green - (fully charged) 3 - 4 Hours
Orange - 1.5 - 2 Hours
Red - 1 - 1.5 Hours

6. Note: iRobot Roomba will stop operating after cleaning cycle is completed regardless of power remaining. If you wish to keep your iRobot Roomba operating until no power remains, turn off the dock.

7. If the dock is left on, iRobot Roomba will automatically return to charge after battery light signal turns red.

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